The history of mine

Camelia Ahmadi is an Iranian artist , started her successful career in  Persian painting ( Iranian Miniature) since 1997. Despite of all challenges she chose to follow her heart desire and passion.

  In her view, the Persian painting is beyond “art” definition ! In fact,  it covers definitions such as “identity”, “culture”, as well as “tradition ”,even though contemporary arts are welcomed by the world.

In her artworks there are Persian painting, gliding illustration, and calligraphy. Also in her works there are reflections of  poetry and old stories including verity of patterns and colors.

In addition , she has created a collection of Sema ceremony and some relating stories to Mevlana’s (Rumi’s) life in different sizes and motifs.

Previously,  she was used to work with private clients,  however she is now ready to release her works more extensively.

Her works are exclusive to one copy,  however she might accept to take the orders as genealogy, calligraphy, or your favorite story.

Please do not hesitate to contact her if you require any further information . She can be reached on the following addresses: